Sunday, July 30, 2006


It is my first nature to be timid.
Or rather is was my first nature.
I asked for boldness 14 years ago when I believed that was what I needed to survive.
Be careful what you ask for.

Loved Captain Kirk growing up.

To boldly go...

I thought it would be a good idea to be unafraid to go to new levels, overcome new challenges and some old ones too.

I don't regret praying for boldness or even the reputation that came with it.

I guess that begs the question, what do I regret.

Asking for or wanting to become different out of fear.

Intimidation can move people in a new direction.

In small doses it can even save people from making mistakes.

Long term, intimidation works like a bed for unforgiveness fungus.

Eventually, it will make the person sick and that will lead to real illness or bad decisions.

If I were on the starship, I don't think I would want to be the Captain.

I believe I would prefer to be the ship's counselor.

There to help in stressful times, ready to listen and offer wisdom.

They really could have used some counseling during the "Trouble With Tribbles" which was one of my favorite episodes.

From Intimidation to warm and fuzzy.
Tribbles, those insatiable reproducing critters that at first glance seemed harmless but...
later we found out the ship's crew was in danger of having their food supply compromised.

Where is this blog leading....

Back home I guess..

My mother's best advice was "Bad people do not wear a dark cape and carry around a sign that says;
'Hi. I am a bad person.' "

It is important to stay clear of those who lead thier lives and try to lead yours mostly through intimidation....

Before you know it, you will become like them.

Better to stay close to those who lead through encouragement, passion and wisdom.

You will have better tales to tell.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rice Puddin

Last night my loving husband made me Rice Puddin.
I am still smiling...
Such a loving gesture.
He had no idea I had waited my whole life to have someone make Rice Puddin.
Just for me...
Just cause...
This wonderful man does so many things for me.
He notices the little things and constantly finds new ways to show me he loves me.
Growing up, Rice Puddin was a favorite treat.
It was something that was always made for special occasions.
My sweet husband did not understand what an encouragement it would be when he was making it the puddin for me.
It was a done on a whim.
It was just the right thing for me at a time I really needed it.
Rice Puddin, just for me, just cause...
I know it sounds silly...
But it encourgaged me to want to be a better woman, wife, lover, sister, friend.
It encouraged me to never give up on appreciating simple joys and taking the time to be a giver of them.
Such a sweet man my husband.
I am so very thankful.
I loved his Puddin and everything that came with it.
We talk about wanting to be a groovy old couple some day.

I can't imagine my life otherwise.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Prolific Visionary

Being a Prolific Visionary...To be able to tap into visions that lead to creations that outlive you. Recreation.... To re create. To create again...

Are there any new creations here in the natural? Are all creations as we see them imitations of concepts with a genisus in the supernatural?

Are all revolutionary ideas there for our taking? Simple concepts, laced with timeless infrastuctures that lead to prosperity...

Do all we need to do to attain them is slow down...
Reach up
and there...
gently given ...
is the reflection of the original creation.

Is it that easy...

Are there really no money problems, but instead idea problems?

Is wisdom empowered by love the channel to re creation?

Far less important but also compelling are...

What did they do differently in the green M&Ms?

What if dandilions if eaten are nature's viagra?

So much to ponder...

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Do you ever wonder why we say what we say? "We are in a pickle" for example, or "I feel silly". If you are feeling silly while in a pickle you would then be pickledsilly. Silly is a rather silly word and one of those words that immediately evokes emotion.
You feel silly saying silly. It is hard to stay really mad when using the word silly. I decided to take a minute to find out where those silly people came up with silly. Here is what I found:

adj sillier, silliest

1. Not sensible; foolish; trivial or frivolous.

Thesaurus: ridiculous, nonsensical, foolish, absurd, frivolous, stupid, preposterous, hare-brained, fatuous, puerile; Antonym: sensible, wise, mature.
2. Dazed; senseless.

Example: She laughed herself silly

Example: The blow knocked him silly
3. cricket.

In a fielding position very near the batsman.

Example: silly mid-on

1. colloq

A foolish person.

Form: silly-billy (also)
Derivative: silliness

Etymology: Anglo-Saxon sælig happy.

Interesting that the beginning of silly, the root word of all this came from the Anglo -Saxons, ummm some of those brit ancestors looking for other ways to say they were happy. Maybe it is all the rain and cloudiness in that part of the world that made people turn a happy word into one that also can mean foolish. Foolish to be happy...poor brits...such pessimists. Good thing we had our colonial thinking and got away from all that.

Ahh yes..the American spirit. When we are in a pickle, be happy, put on your favorite smily wear and get silly.

Was there a point to all this?

Not really..Don't Need One...Just feeling Silly

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Power Of Persistant Passion

If you want to get anything done right, do it yourself. But...what if you can't. What if you need to be able to work through problems, brainstorm with and motivate people who work with you on projects. The human temptation is to think, they work for me so I should be able to get what I want. And yet, life does not work well that way. Even when people are paid to do a job, even when they think they are self-motivated, of good character and hard working, they somehow need your power of persistant passion to reach thier fullest potential.

This is not a revelation for most successful leaders. This may be a new concept for those who are not normally leading people and are finding themselves working with people in the home improvement industry for the first time.

Let me explain..Hail YES! We had damage this spring from two powerful storms. Knowing that getting all repairs needed done well in a timely manner would require an on-site motivator, I opted to work from home this week. I mentally geared myself into a patient but persistant mode. After only two days of working with multiple set backs, I can already feel myself tempted to lower my standards of what we can really get any more in quality of work.

Tempted, but not faint hearted enough to give in.

I have used a combination of compliments, food, lemonaide and water along with selectively blonde questions like:

"Do you think that the light coming in at the top of the door and the way it is sticking at the bottom may mean the door is not hung level?"

"Do you think that the writing on the storm door being upside down may be an indication that the door may actually work right if we put it in right side up?"

"Do you really wrestle gators?"

"I think it is good that you did not eat the shark you caught."

"By the way, did notice the front door lock area has some wood hanging out? Do you think that may be why the door will not close easily?"

"Wow, so you mean if you clean that out the lock will click tight?"

"Does anyone know which of the extra kids working here yesterday took the keys to the storm door?"

"Oh, excellent, that was the head guy, good thing he is nice enough to bring those on back."

Tonight I am told a professional "Storm Door" man is coming to take care of what the other gentlemen felt was too tough to get right.

Our contracter had at first suggested I try to find a professional. I could have bought into the thinking that if you want to get something done right, do it yourself.

I guess I am too stubborn to give up now. Still convinced that persisitant unrelenting passion will motivate this team to complete what they signed on for to a better than good level.

Realistically, great for this team, may be a stretch. Too many other people who got hit by the storm will settle for good. Good will pay this team more than great as they move on in a volume customer mentality.

Hail Yes! Not giving up yet.

Monday, July 10, 2006

It's not easy being green

Monday morning...
Starting over,,,

New week, new opportuinites for discovery.

Staying coachable, staying green so you can keep growing...Being willing to change things that you have been living with for years...
Only listening to the voice that says you can change...

Forgiving yourself for not being stronger sooner.

Having enough pride in what your legacy is to know that without change, your time here will not be as fruitful.

Having fun through the process of change.

Being yourself even though yourself is mercurial.

Laughing at yourself as you fall, rolling with the energy of change.

Being silly..looking to the end of the vine, even when you find yourself in a pickle.

No...It is not easy being green, but great never is...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

First Words

Linguists will tell us that the reason it is easier for an infant to call his mother first rather than his father is that it is easier to learn to say words starting with M rather than D. Ministers will tell us that we are all born with a desire to seek out heaven, our eternal life, our supernatural father. Counselors will tell us that most women use more words in a day then men. We need our words. We need words from our friends, our lovers. Pediatritians will tell us that infants will die without human touch. Most marriages certainly fall to this.

As we become established as unique beings with destinys that can only be fully completed with unique decisions, we get to give our words, our time, our touch as the ultimate sign we care. Without this connection, we would be more distant, less energized, slowly dieing to our first nature. We have to come out of the shadows, the pretense that we are able to be truly happy alone or lonely. Two seperate concepts.

Such heavy stuff from a former optimist.

Somehow the first words, or the last words we say seem to stay with us. We want to get them at hello and leave them wanting more.

We are tempted then to hold back, giving the other person an intrigue, thus allowing us to draw on the human connection, securing away complete isolation.

A first blog, first words, a first attempt to expose, break down walls destined to protect the most tender creative elements within us....our first smiles.