Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't Blink

I had the privilege of spending time with family I don’t get to see often enough this weekend.
Most especially, I got to spend time with my father.
I remember thinking how blessed we are to have had so many years with my Dad.
We came home to find out that one of our friend’s significant other, had passed away on Saturday.
He was a father as well.
I don’t think he was even 50.
I remember when my father, now 77 turned 50.
We got him a gold watch and he also became a grandfather that year.
He was feeling younger than 50 then.

He got to speak to our youngest on the phone while we were there.
He did not say the exact words below, but he did remind us and him that time flies.
Today, Dad is feeling his 77 years.
Every phone call I make to him is precious.
I struggle with the knowledge that we can not call on our earthly Dad’s forever.

Don’t Blink

I turned on the evenin' news
Saw an old man being interviewed
Turnin' a hundred and two today
They asked him what's the secret to life
He looked up from his ol' pipe
Laughed and said, 'All I can say is'


Don't blink
Just like that
You're six years old and you take a nap
And you wake up and you're twenty-five
And your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growin' like mine did
Turnin' into moms and dads
Next thing you know
Your better half of fifty years is there in bed
And you're prayin' God takes you instead
Trust me friend
A hundred years goes faster than you think
(So) (But) don't blink

2nd Verse

I was glued to my TV
When it looked like he looked at me
And said, 'Let's start puttin' first things first'
'Cause when your hourglass runs outta sand
You can't flip it over, start again
Took every breath God gives you, for what it's worth

(Repeat Chorus)


So I been tryin' to slow it down
I been tryin' to take it in
In this here today, gone tomorrow world we're livin' in

(Repeat Chorus)


Naw, don't blink
Don't blink
Life goes faster than you think
Don't blink
Life goes faster than you think
Don't blink
Don't blink
Life goes faster than you think

Monday, August 20, 2007

Castles To The Right- Mud Wrestling To The Left

True story.

I am driving down a country road slighty over the speed limit of 45 miles per hour.
The road is a winding series of rolling hills spotted with farms and farmer wannabee residences.

On my drive I am caught off guard by a new housing development of castles.
These homes are 6000 sq ft plus, with stone exteriors that were built by people who clearly take the "Your Home Is Your Castle" to heart.

I would guess they were inspired by a man who actually built a casle further down the road.
The man and his homesite has enticed a pilgrimage of Renasance particpants that is well known here in Middle Tennesee.

OK, back to the drive.
We have million dollar castles on the right and within 200 yards of the entrance way on the left is a sign.
A very professional and classy sign mind you.
If you were making this sign for those who are not rednecks, or common serfs you would say without shame:
"Here's Your Sign".

And what did the sign say?
"Mud Wrestling For Epilepsy"

I am sorry to say I was going a bit too fast to get the date and time of the event.
The location was going to be on the undeveloped land accross the street from the castles.

The phrase, "Only In America" immediately came to mind.
Of course it is wonderful that people of means are philinthropic.
It is also fun to think of people mud wrestling.
I would guess that the epileptics are not the contendors.

You wonder if this was the first idea bounced around and what was ruled out before mud wrestling?
Yard Sale- nope we might have to leave the gate open.
Fish Fry- nope - we don't want to be confused with a spiritual group...
Mud Wrestling is the new Jousting, yes that is the ticket.

Nothing will show the poeple we care about better (people who have frequency issues with brain waves) like us throwing each other down in the mud in little or no clothing.

I really am not suggesting that there is anything wrong with this plan.

I this is an excellent fundraising opportunity where wealthy people can come out, get really dirty, maybe get a few licks in against the neighbor who put in the bigger moat, support a great cause and have fun.

Only In America

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Let's Give Them Something To Smile About

Do you need something to smile about?

My day started out perfect in the things that matter.

After I got to work, I had an email waiting for me from one of the coolest 12 year olds you could ever meet.

Her ability to find things that will make you smile is a gift.

Here is what she sent me: click and see...

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Breaking Point

Everyone has one. We have days where the world just feels a bit nuts.
I reached one of sorts this morning.
I remember thinking that God never gives us more than we can handle.
I also felt incredibly stupid at the same time.
The thing I broke over was really so insignificant.
My reaction, ...completely out of line.

On my drive in, I prayed for forgiveness and of course,
in keeping with my current aspiration, wisdom.

Here is what I got:

Yes, it is true, God does not give us more than what we can handle.
Yes, at the same time, we can reach a breaking point.
Sometimes we break, sometimes we got get stretched.
This does not mean we can not handle breaking.

The key to the wisdom here was, now what.
What will you fill the cracks in your mind, body and spirit with now that you have been broken.
Are you going to fill them with self-pity or thankfulness?
Are you going to go vent to someone, or celebrate what you have learned?
What have you learned?

For today, here is what I learned.
Take nothing for granted. Nothing.
Stay thankful in all things.
Even thankful for breaking points and the mistakes we should learn from.