Friday, February 29, 2008

Last one to leave

The phrase “ Last one to leave, please turn the lights out on your way out,” made me smile today.

I have been under the weather this week. I “sounda' like a man”.

My husband says he likes the new husky voice and is hoping it stays that way.

Most of the people I work with are also losing their voices as the crud makes its way through our department.

I know we are all thankful it is Friday and we are hoping that the weekend will bring us a break from each other, work and the stress of life.

I can say from looking at everyone around me, that we are all ready to leave.

For some reason as I thought about whoever would be the last one out shutting the lights off, I thought about the other end of the spectrum.

I thought about how tiring it must be to the first one in turning the lights on.

Or even tougher, people who are always expected to be a source of light.

I know that we need our dark times. We need to rest and go without any light.

But at work, it is nice to come in and the energy is already up and positive.

I almost wish we had a way to think in terms of …

“Last one out, leave the lights on.”

This might stop us from coming in on Monday morning and feeling like we are in the dark.

In the meantime, “this little light of mine…”

Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking For Mr. Right

What is the difference between Mr.Right

And Mr. Right now?

Over the years I have heard many women wishing for Mr. Right.

Sometimes if a friend had been hurt in a relationship, she may be looking for Mr. Right now.

Sometimes I had friends that knew they were in the role of Mistress Right Now, but hey, they just wanted some fun.

Many of these women are now in their 40’s or older.
They are hungry for Mr. Right.
The clocks are ticking.
Where is he?

I do not know much about dating.
I really have no business saying what I am about to say. But, hey, since when does that stop me.

Before you find Mr. Right, or better yet, before he finds you, you have to stop looking.

You have to become content with knowing you are Mrs. Right.

A strong woman who can take care of herself, but wants to share herself, her real self with a good man.

That does not mean we do not need love or want love.

It does mean we have got to fix whatever is in us that needs fixing, so that when that good man finds us, he gets a great partner in life.

Although we will not be perfect when he finds us…
Although we will grow from working through our relationship together…
We still should aspire to be as strong as we can be before he finds us.

So to all the women who are looking for Mr. Right and thinking you may only get Mr. Right now.

Get to work. You have it in you to be the best thing that ever happened to the right man, the good man, who will notice you for what is important.

And…once you have that good man…never take him for granted.
Well, now that I thnk about it. Since my Mr. Right found me...
I do have some ideas on how to let the perfect man find all the love you have for him.