Thursday, May 31, 2007

Where Do We Start

Do we really ever start anything?
Clearly, it has been a while since I started to write this addition to my blog.
It is funny, I don't have a problem adding thoughts here once I get started, something spills out.
One thing is for sure, if I do not start it, nothing gets written.

So, I got to thinking about getting started.
Do we have total control over what we start?
It is good to be self-motivated a self- starter as they say, but really....
We don't start anything from scratch.
Someone or something starts things for us.
We may miss those moments that come before our awareness.

Our hearts don't start themselves with each beat.
We do not start the day.
It will start with our without our permission.

We may decide to end some things.
But we are not the original source of anything.

All creations, ideas and sensations were started before we ever knew it.
We just jump in, respond or back away from the creations and opportunities that we are blessed with.

So, I will end with this...
It is exciting to be part of something that has just gotten started.
It is important to know we can be part of that start-up up until we are not.
I want to remember to stay humble and remember who is the real creator of all start-ups.
Be thankful for the time spent in each season of my life.

All life is transactional.
The End ...
.....or is it the start of the time in between now and the next time I start?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mulch Monster

We are going to spend this weekend killing a mulch monster.
The mulch monster will arrive sometime tomorrow.
Our attack will be well thought out.
Shovels, wheel barrows, gloves and a trench machine will be our weapons of mass destruction as we wear down the mulch monster.

When we get done, this large mulch monster will beautify our yard.
We are going for curb appeal.
Putting on our best show as we get ready to sell.

It is funny how close selling a house is to courting.
Flowers are blush, lip gloss and eye shadow
Mulch is eyeliner, mascara, lip liner.
Pruning your shrubs and trees is like getting a great hair cut
Keeping your grass even is like putting on foundation.
Clean windows and doors, like putting in eye drops and brushing your teeth.

And then come the blind dates.
People who your real estate "dating broker" matches you up with.

They talk about your house just like a blind date.

If you like your home as much as you like yourself, this can be a sensitive vulnerable time.

We are still getting our make over.
No blind dates yet.

This is a kind of exciting time as we are ready to date another house and we want to be sure we get the right person to date and then marry the house we are in.

There is no telling what our first "blind date" will look like.