Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The only thing that you can not get back is wasted time

I heard someone this week make this comment.

I guess it is this time of year, where we reflect on the past and plan for the future that made that comment stick in my head.

It really has got me thinking about what is a waste of time.

The only thing that I would say is really a waste of time for me, is time spent worrying.

I can’t say the mistakes I have made were a waste of time, because almost always I learned something from them.

I can’t say that the time I spent relaxing is a waste of time, because for the most part, I work more than I should.

The only thing that I truly know I waste time on is the time I spend worrying.

As a mother, I find it hard to ever really believe that I am doing well if our kids are not doing well.
A part of my brain is focused on what else I can do to help, and the older our kids get, the more I understand that prayers are really my best option.

As an employee, if I am not ahead on a project, a part of my brain is working on how I can get there.

I am thankful that I do not worry about my husband, as he is a source of strength for me.

If speaking a promise to oneself will make one change, then here is what I would tell myself.

Stop wasting time worrying.
You can not get this time back.
Celebrate everything that happens.
Remember that no one can take something from you that God intends for you to have.

Be at peace in all things.
Be a source of joy to all who meet you.

In 2008, I hope to never waste time worrying.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to You!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. He is 41 years today.
In honor of his birthday, I thought I would give just a few of the reasons why I love him so much. For those of you who know him, I am sure you will have many more reasons to list as well.

Happy Birthday Babe!

41. Great Legs
40. The look he gets on his face when he eats a Gummy Bear
39. Where he grew up
38. How he treats the people who helped him grow up
37. His sautéed mushrooms
36. His ability to get me to try mushrooms when I was convinced I did not like them
35. Who he was at 35 when he asked me to marry him.
34. His signs that he painted in his hometown 24 years ago that he is still known for
33. His acts of honesty 35 years ago that his grade school teachers still remember
32. His ability to keep a friend like Tiny through thick and thin.
31. His love of vacuuming
30. The look on his face when he irons
29. His ability to copy all my best dance moves
28. His ability to dance like no one is watching
27. His expectation that everyone will be
26. Who he was at 26 when I first met him
25. His patience for our sons now 25 and 26
24. The 24 moths he asked me out before I said yes
23. His believe that I never stood a chance of not saying yes
22. How he decorated my desk on my birthdays
21. The look on his face when he played the slot machine in Tunica
20. How he slices a piece of steak
19. How he savors every bite
18. How well he knows himself
17. How well he understands others
16. His strong arms
15. How his hand reaches for mine even though he never liked holding hands
14. The way he sings the "Roouh, Roouh, Rouuh" Song first sung by his Great Grandfather
13. That he was born on a day that people think is unlucky
12. That nearly everyone who meets him thinks they are lucky to have had the chance
11. His pancakes
10. His willingness to eat any of my cooking after eating my pancakes
9. The way he looks when he plays with our nieces and nephews
8. The way he looks when he gives advice to his brothers and sisters
7. His friendship with the Ya-Ya’s
6. How he helps everyone he works with
5. How he always makes me look good
4. How much he loves his Dad and mine
3. How much he loves our sons
2. How he looks at me
1. How he remembers to pray

Looking forward to seeing your face when you take your flying lesson tomorrow!

Love you honey