Monday, February 19, 2007

What is it about two women fighting that men find so attractive?

I had the privilege of watching two women fight today.

Men reading this will be tempted to lose interest when they hear why.

The two women were fighting verbally about the best way to promote positive change, the best way to use a new tool in an effort to engage people who were physically showing up for events, but not really leaving equipped and educated.

What was exciting to watch, was they both shared passion...
They both were confident...
In the end, they were both resolved that compromise was possible.

I have never been in a physical fight or "cat fight" as some would call it.

I have been in a tough place where two of the students I was working with, started to fight and my mom genes kicked in.
I made the common mistake of thinking that if I stood between them and used my "mom voice", things would settle down.
I took a pencil in the arm for that decision.
Interestingly, the boys who were larger than myself, did settle down quickly after that.

There is a good reason why I no longer work with emotionally disturbed kids. I am simply too tender.

I guess I would be considered boring because I don't like violence.

I do like passion though.
I especially liked seeing two women being confident with who they are so much so that they allowed a stranger to see them fight for what they believed in.

I was up at 3 Am this morning, on the road at 4..
Drove for 3.5 hours to make a meeting with these exceptional people.

The fight and the resolution after wards was worth the drive.
It is funny to think that at the end of the day, I would be thankful to have watched two women fight...
And yet, somewhat sleepy and surely more educated...
i am.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thinking Back

I have had some amazing Valentine's Days with my husband.

One year he took the day off, went shopping for flowers, candy, and a lovely stuffed animal cradled in a balloon.

One year we both took the day off, bubble baths come to mind.
This year tops all of them.
We are flying my Dad in for a visit today.
Last night my sweet husband got everything ready for my Dad to visit.
He went to the grocery and picked up all my Dad's favorite foods.
After he got home, he decided I should take his car to pick up Dad as that would be easier for him to get into, so he went and filled it up with gas.
He left me all my favorite candies in the seat for me to find this morning.
Dad starts chemo again next week.
It is the first time he has been to visit in almost 5 years.
My sweet husband, knows how much I miss my Dad.
I know tonight he will spoil Dad with lots of attention.
This is the most romantic thing my husband could have done for me.

Thank You Honey!
P.S. Had to add on to this short love letter to my honey. I just got a lovely flower arrangement, a balloon that said "World's Greatest" and the most perfect card.
I am so glad you needed me to save you :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just Tortured Enough To Be Interesting

Having an edge to your personality, can be very interesting.
It is something that is only interesting if it is genuine.
The edge needs to come from a sharpening of your focus
The focus comes from lessons learned

Great songs, stories and lives are releaved out of our
Being just tortured enough to be interesting.
Enough stability to pull through struggles
Enough conflict to hold our attention through the end of the creation.

For those who create, this balance can energize and facilitate.
As I watched the Grammy's, I felt there were several people who had found that balance.
At least for that night, that moment when they performed.
They were just tortured enough and talented enough to be interesting.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

If you never set any goals, you will never be disappointed....

I have met some wonderful people who struggle with goal setting.
Their reason is such a subtle lie.
They buy into the less you hope the less hurt you will have in your life.
The less you plan, the less you will be held accountable for.
The bills still come, there is no free ride and no sure way to avoid all pain and disappointment.
They are still disappointed and they have given away control.

It is so fun to watch when these same wonderful people begin to hope.
Next comes the dare to plan.
Then the actions that are needed follow.

A good friend and I were visiting about this today.
She suggested that people plan with the end in mind.
The vision of Rocky dancing his boxer's dance next to the statue in Philadelphia came to mind.
A winners dance.
He saw the championship belt and went after it.
He planned, did the work and dared to hope.

We are all in a fight.
The battle to stay thankful, passionate and determined is real.
It is important to remember we are winners.
The battle has been won.
Act like winners, and we reap the hope we need to get us started on the path to success.