Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rice Puddin

Last night my loving husband made me Rice Puddin.
I am still smiling...
Such a loving gesture.
He had no idea I had waited my whole life to have someone make Rice Puddin.
Just for me...
Just cause...
This wonderful man does so many things for me.
He notices the little things and constantly finds new ways to show me he loves me.
Growing up, Rice Puddin was a favorite treat.
It was something that was always made for special occasions.
My sweet husband did not understand what an encouragement it would be when he was making it the puddin for me.
It was a done on a whim.
It was just the right thing for me at a time I really needed it.
Rice Puddin, just for me, just cause...
I know it sounds silly...
But it encourgaged me to want to be a better woman, wife, lover, sister, friend.
It encouraged me to never give up on appreciating simple joys and taking the time to be a giver of them.
Such a sweet man my husband.
I am so very thankful.
I loved his Puddin and everything that came with it.
We talk about wanting to be a groovy old couple some day.

I can't imagine my life otherwise.


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