Thursday, July 13, 2006


Do you ever wonder why we say what we say? "We are in a pickle" for example, or "I feel silly". If you are feeling silly while in a pickle you would then be pickledsilly. Silly is a rather silly word and one of those words that immediately evokes emotion.
You feel silly saying silly. It is hard to stay really mad when using the word silly. I decided to take a minute to find out where those silly people came up with silly. Here is what I found:

adj sillier, silliest

1. Not sensible; foolish; trivial or frivolous.

Thesaurus: ridiculous, nonsensical, foolish, absurd, frivolous, stupid, preposterous, hare-brained, fatuous, puerile; Antonym: sensible, wise, mature.
2. Dazed; senseless.

Example: She laughed herself silly

Example: The blow knocked him silly
3. cricket.

In a fielding position very near the batsman.

Example: silly mid-on

1. colloq

A foolish person.

Form: silly-billy (also)
Derivative: silliness

Etymology: Anglo-Saxon sælig happy.

Interesting that the beginning of silly, the root word of all this came from the Anglo -Saxons, ummm some of those brit ancestors looking for other ways to say they were happy. Maybe it is all the rain and cloudiness in that part of the world that made people turn a happy word into one that also can mean foolish. Foolish to be happy...poor brits...such pessimists. Good thing we had our colonial thinking and got away from all that.

Ahh yes..the American spirit. When we are in a pickle, be happy, put on your favorite smily wear and get silly.

Was there a point to all this?

Not really..Don't Need One...Just feeling Silly


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

You silly pickle...guess I will have to keep you and just grow sillier with you day by day.

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Bendy said...

Silly is good...and we do it best ;) I'm glad you're blogging. I enjoy your writing.


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