Sunday, July 09, 2006

First Words

Linguists will tell us that the reason it is easier for an infant to call his mother first rather than his father is that it is easier to learn to say words starting with M rather than D. Ministers will tell us that we are all born with a desire to seek out heaven, our eternal life, our supernatural father. Counselors will tell us that most women use more words in a day then men. We need our words. We need words from our friends, our lovers. Pediatritians will tell us that infants will die without human touch. Most marriages certainly fall to this.

As we become established as unique beings with destinys that can only be fully completed with unique decisions, we get to give our words, our time, our touch as the ultimate sign we care. Without this connection, we would be more distant, less energized, slowly dieing to our first nature. We have to come out of the shadows, the pretense that we are able to be truly happy alone or lonely. Two seperate concepts.

Such heavy stuff from a former optimist.

Somehow the first words, or the last words we say seem to stay with us. We want to get them at hello and leave them wanting more.

We are tempted then to hold back, giving the other person an intrigue, thus allowing us to draw on the human connection, securing away complete isolation.

A first blog, first words, a first attempt to expose, break down walls destined to protect the most tender creative elements within us....our first smiles.


At 6:00 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

That's great honey. Soon you will be hooked...or at least a guru.


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