Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thinking Back

I have had some amazing Valentine's Days with my husband.

One year he took the day off, went shopping for flowers, candy, and a lovely stuffed animal cradled in a balloon.

One year we both took the day off, bubble baths come to mind.
This year tops all of them.
We are flying my Dad in for a visit today.
Last night my sweet husband got everything ready for my Dad to visit.
He went to the grocery and picked up all my Dad's favorite foods.
After he got home, he decided I should take his car to pick up Dad as that would be easier for him to get into, so he went and filled it up with gas.
He left me all my favorite candies in the seat for me to find this morning.
Dad starts chemo again next week.
It is the first time he has been to visit in almost 5 years.
My sweet husband, knows how much I miss my Dad.
I know tonight he will spoil Dad with lots of attention.
This is the most romantic thing my husband could have done for me.

Thank You Honey!
P.S. Had to add on to this short love letter to my honey. I just got a lovely flower arrangement, a balloon that said "World's Greatest" and the most perfect card.
I am so glad you needed me to save you :)


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Yes we have sweety! An like the day I asked for your hand, it only gets better. Still shocking sometimes how nice it is. Thank you for being a magnificent wife and partner. Sometimes, it is as though I were a madman...doing whatever it took and its still worth it. Luv u.

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Moses said...

You two are so lucky. It seems as if the two of you have been together forever. Linda, your blog is very moving. Please continue to post.


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