Friday, January 18, 2008

The Apprentice- Can't We Just KISS and Make Up?

I have to say that I do not like the image that Donald Trump portrays but at the same time I am thankful he does what he does.

Donald, through his show “The Apprentice” gives us a contrived glimpse into human psychology as well as what makes American businesses work.

I really don’t have a problem with Reality TV.

I know it is a step above “Professional Wrestling”.

Since I know that much of what is shown on “The Apprentice” has been well-thought out for what makes people watch Reality TV, I don’t expect it to be a totally honest view.

At the same time, there are elements of the show that do remind us of what people are capable of.

One of the things my husband excels in is understanding the nature of people.

Most of the time he also is very good with attracting people and building relationships,
unless he does not want to.

With a look and a raised eye brow he can shut down the most arrogant of individuals.

Enter Gene Simmons.

I have got to say that I totally respect that Gene likes being independent. He knows that his success is in large part from believing in himself even when no one else does.
He is like an old lion that needs to still know he can and will roar when needed and eat you alive if you get in his way.

Gene Simmons got fired on the show last night. Mostly because Gene really believed in his idea and did not care if the customer, in this case Kodak, was happy with his idea.

Gene believed he was right. End of story.

What I liked most about Gene was that he knew he would be fired and he did not care.
He was not going to point the finger at anyone else or play the game of defending his right to stay on the show. He had an idea that he believed in and it was all or nothing.

Passion…Without it...creative visionaries perish.

Gene would rather leave with his passion than become a politician and compromise his beliefs.

Passion no matter what is not a great thing but, since Gene was not passionate about being evil, I kind of admire his decision.

Life is too short to live without passion.

It is important to be coachable and humble, not strengths of Gene, but those things alone without passion and not as interesting as what we saw last night.

I have got to take my hat off to Donald. I don’t know you and don’t think I would like everything about you if I met you. You likely would not be impressed with me.

However, you made me watch...I learned some things...
and I was most highly entertained!.


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Hmmm....snappy! Great blog. I'll KISS you when I see you. Great insight and some really good life lessons are learnable and best depicted by "stars" mostly in what not to do; but sometimes we are surprised. Last night was TV worth watching. Love conquers all and a KISS TRUMPS a smack. Se La Vie.

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Bendy said...

I would always rather leave with passion than compromise beliefs. WONDERFUL blog!


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