Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Unlikely Hiro

Hiro is simply adorable. His child-like belief that he can save the world has helped make "Heroes" worth watching.

Hiro is my favorite Hero.

His character became even more interesting after we got a glimpse of one version of who Hiro may become.

The more one watches Heroes the more you see that no one's future or past is set in stone.

The ability to time travel changes all that.

In fact, if we had this ability I would think History, might not be taught as often in school as Contingency Thinking.

Since nothing in the past or the future is certain in this world, how you handle what you see now, when you choose to back or forward to correct or adjust your desired life is all contingent on what critical thinking skills you use now.

Even though I have limited ability to physically time travel, I believe that Contingency Thinking is still a skill that may be needed with our youth.

The ability to really think things through, weigh the costs and benefits of decisions may be as important as studying others lives in a History format.

I remember being asked just before my 10 year reunion to fill out a survey.
One of the questions was:
"What would you do if you could go back 10 years?"

My answer at the time:
"Jump ahead 10 years."

I think if I were to answer that question now I would have to say I would also write a letter to myself on all the things I have learned and then, I would still probably tear the letter up and jump ahead 10 years.

The me of today is still not wise enough to be able to write that powerful of a letter to the me of yesterday.

Maybe if I jump ahead 10 years, I could get some help on that one.

Meanwhile, my husband remains my number one Hero.
My Dad is right there with him.
Our sons show promise of being world changers as well.

Yep- Now is a good place to be.


At 7:36 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

(sniff...sniff..sniff...sigh...whew) :D

You're a jewel!
Powerfully insightful blog on a very "unvisited-often-enuf" thought. Does time and mistakes make us wise enuf to undo our history or foolish enuf to repeat them differently? hmmmm...

I'm honored.


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