Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Love YOU

My Dad always did things to show he loved us.
He was home in time for dinner every night.
He was a scout leader for my brothers.
He was active in Rotary and insisted we get out there in the community to help others.
He lectured.
He would watch TV with us if it was PBS.
He stayed up all night building my play kitchen.
He still loved me after I said I wanted the truck my brother had gotten.
He still loved me after I got him a pink stuffed elephant that year.
In our toughest years when money was tight and in later years when we had more than enough…
He still loved us the same.
He tried to teach me to golf.
After 33 whiffs on the 2nd Hole at 6:30 AM, he nicely said,
“I bet the 3rd hole will be better”
When I came home with a Tuba and said I wanted to march, he still loved me.
It did not matter that he had been paying $10 a week for Flute lessons for 5 years.
Was Dad perfect, I don’t remember him being less than excellent.
Perfect is for God after all.
Last week we went to go see Dad.
He quietly brought up “I Love You”.
He did not know why he had a hard time saying it.
He knows that when I have said it over the years, he could have said it back.
He does love me.
He said he did not want me to worry if he started to say, “I Love You”.
He was not losing it. It did not mean there was anything more wrong than what we already are fighting.
He had a friend tell him it would be good if he tried to say it.
So, when we left him on Sunday he said it first.
I Love You.
I know Dad. I know.
The words are good. His desire to change this late in life is good.
The way he raised me. The way he showed me he loved me.
I love you too Dad.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

He's a one of a kind! I hope we NEVER put limits on what is possible. Never going to be a dull moment.... He is inspired by your love and dedication, as am I.


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