Friday, January 04, 2008

I feel like flying

I am sure all of us have had dreams that we were flying.
Some of us were caught up in a peaceful supernatural experience where
we had the ability to fly.
Some of us were able to enjoy the sensations that come to those who can fly.
Some of us, are not able to relax because although the flying part was fun, the fear
of falling and not being able to land safely took away from the moment.

So, we may be tempted to stop the dream of flying because of fear of harm.
We somehow can imagine flying, but can’t imagine controlling that ability.

Sadly, we do this same thing in so many ways in other parts of our lives.
We don’t love with abandon because we might get hurt.
We don’t try new classes because we might like what we are learning and then what?
We might have to spend more time or money on something that is not a part of our current life plan.

It sounds so simple to think if I can imagine flying I will of course imagine a way to land safely.

After all, I am not into pain.

So why not imagine all things are possible and only for good.

If I can imagine loving with passion, why not imagine that the pleasure will outweigh all pain. In fact, why imagine there will be any pain?

I got my husband a flying lesson for his birthday. My dad who I admire greatly said to me, “You know, he might like this. He might want to keep taking flying lessons.”

To which, I said, “Sounds like a good thing in a gift. That he will like it so much he will want to do it again. After all I trust my husband. If he wants to do something, he will figure out a way.”

So, today….I feel like flying!

No- I am not taking a flying lesson myself.

I want to feel like I can imagine flying and safely landing in every new thing that comes my way.

It is a very powerful commodity, hope.

Why not hope…and of course only hope for good things.


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Great blog Pickledsilly! I cant wait to read the blog on the flight. I am sure the pictures will be entertaining too. Powerful message for the new year. Its bendylicious!

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Bendy said...

You two are "bendylicious" and I love you dearly :) Great blog honey. I have been told I WILL be coming over before the end of March. lol


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