Monday, October 22, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

We have watched more than a few bad movies.

“Stranger Than Fiction” was not one of them.

There were so many great things about this movie.

I have waited to blog on the movie.

This was an exercise in finding the one thing that keeps haunting me about the movie.

A sign for me that I have been changed by a work of art, literature, music or even a movie is that there is something, weeks later that still haunts me.

For me, for this movie it would be the line, “Little Did He Know”.

The entire movie is really spun off this concept that there was something Howard Crick did not know.

In case you have not seen the movie, I will leave all other details out and focus on why this haunts me.

It haunts me first because the author was a genius.

I envy the discipline to create literature, true lasting haunting literature.

It haunts me further because we intrinsically know, but ignore how little we know.

We choose how much we let in, how much we want to see of real life.

We carry on as characters in our own fabrications of our lives.

Until we are suddenly interrupted with real life, then we are forced to raise our eyes to how little we know.

If you combined the delicate narration in “Stranger Than Fiction” with the ability to hear in “What Women Want”, in our own lives we would likely be tempted to never leave the couch.

There is in fact so much good in people, but our thought world, that is our battleground, one that most people have not mastered.

So when you hear others thoughts, many of them will be framed in a state of struggle and therefore negative.

So where is all this going?

This is real life.
If living it as a character in your own fiction works for you, and you know that you do not control everything but enjoy this illusion, that is your real life.

If you are able to tune out the negativity of others, not care about what the toxic people around you are thinking but care more for what you think about who you are, not a bad thing.

Of course all of this will read very strange if you have not yet watched the movie.

I guess that is the way life goes, stranger than fiction.


At 11:30 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Well you married the right guy...your life is now stranger than fiction...; but aint it cool and exciting!

At 6:15 AM, Blogger Linda Russell said...

Yes babe- it sure is


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