Friday, January 11, 2008

New Neighbors

We are expecting that the house next to ours will be filled with new neighbors any day now.
We are trying to be optimistic about this.
After all, the odds are catching up with us that our new neighbors will be fun, easy to get along with and potentially even friends.

How may times can different people move in next to you who are not fun, easy to get along with and friend challenged?
We have got to believe that these new neighbors will not shoot bottle rockets onto our new roof.
They will not drive across our grass to part their cars because they did not want to ask their kids to move their cars out of the way.
They will not have cats that sleep on our cars and scratch the paint.
The wife will not hit on the teenage boys in the neighborhood.
The husband will not try to sell you a $1200 vacuum and then get mad when you don’t want to buy it.

I could go on.

The tough part here is that we really don’t think we are better than other people.
We don’t think we are the perfect people.
We know we are kinda weird in our own way.

I think we are nice people.

I hope the new neighbors will at least be nice.

3 out of 3 of our last few neighbors have really had some major things going on.

Hopefully, even if these new people are going through some stuff, they will be easy to get along with.


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