Monday, November 26, 2007

So Much To Say Grace Over

Looking back on other Thanksgivings and holidays in general,
I have learned that holidays can bring out the best and the worst in people.

For this moment, let’s focus on the best.
I heard a friend tell me how 40 people fed 400 in the streets of Puerto Rico.

I watched on the news as many here in Nashville dropped off hundreds of turkeys and other
food items to shelters.

I saw on the news that more people were out shopping this holiday.
They spent less this year as they hunted for bargains.

I saw no reports of people fighting while in line on Black Friday.

We had 14 sit down at our house.

All were well.

Everyone was kind to one another.

I missed the other 18 or so people who I would have loved to have seen in our home this holiday.

It rained and rained. So needed here in TN.

We built a fire and snuggled against the chill after all our family and friends headed home.

So much to say grace over.

We are blessed indeed.


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