Saturday, September 16, 2006

Do It Yourself

Do you remember when it would have been rude to gas your own car?

You had to wait for the gas station attendant to take care of your re-fueling needs.

He (always a he) would also offer to check your fluids, your air in your tires and your windshield wipers.

He (who was sometimes as nice as Goober) would also clean your windshield for you.

Do you remember when a lady always had her groceries loaded into the car?

If you are over 40, you probably do.

You also remember the world has changed, mostly because of technology, but also out of an eye to the bottom line.

It is cheaper for most buisnesses if they can get you to do things yourself.

Well, the "Do It Yourself!" market has now moved over into a new industry.

The pizza market.

Papa Murphy's looks like an order out already to eat establishment, but they are actually
a "Take N Bake" establishment.

You order fresh and then take the food home and bake it.

Yep, we were tempted and in about 10 minutes we will find out if this pizza is worth the extra step and delay of immediate gradification.

I have gotta smile at American Ingenuity.....

Fresh homemade food to go.... go home to... do it yourself


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