Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life, Balance, Love and Stuff

A couple of years ago my husband was the best man at a wedding.
The wedding was the first for the bride and the second for the groom.
In thier vows, the bride told her love that if she were a kite, he was the tail that gave her balance.
In truth, most kites are engineered to be limited in the distance they travel above the earth
if they do not have a tail to give them balance.
If you think of your goals in life as a kite, and think of your key relationships as source of balance,
you will see the wisdom in keeping people close to you that create drag in your life.
You need lift in your life to fly, but you also need drag to enable you to control your steering.
Being a drag, can be a good thing.
For when those people who help give you balance,
who have nothing to gain but the joy of watching you reach your goals,
watch over you,
slow you into wisdom,
you are better able to enjoy the journey safely.

Looking back over the last couple of years,
I can think of many people who have helped myself and my husband have balance.

It is impressive to see when two people are able to be equally there for one another.
Taking turns lifting, encouraging and offering wisdom.
Micheal and Joel are two good friends that are constant in thier expectations for greatness for themselves,
and they expect no less from each other.
I am thankful for thier frienship as they help one another become better men.


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Joel said...

Thanks Pickle---I consider Mikey to be my brother ---I think him finding a really good woman helps a lot---Ya'll take care of each other . . .


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