Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why are you staring at your clothes?

Everyone should have a roommate as funny, cool and introspective as SJ.

We bonded for life in the 70's and early 80's as we helped each other move from Junior High Band Fags to a poor man's (nerd's) Charlie's Angel at Ohio State.

We survived a life threatening journey out into the blizzard of '78
as we bought essentials such as TP
and the more important items..
chocolate and Tab.

We created 357 different versions of "Stuff", a mercurial recipe
that consisted of all unconsumed food in our 2 ft fridge topped with cheese.

We attended classes, regularly....
as long as we could get home in time to see Mary Tyler Moore re-runs.
This is where we learned how to live as single women who had career aspirations.

We digested Johnson's and Johnson's as we learned all the things we were not bold enough to ask our own mothers.

It is amazing how well we were prepared for life just from these two resources alone.

I was her first Psychology Behavior Modification Project.

It was a blast playing the unsuspecting lab rat.
I had read her notes and did all I could to interfere with her projected results.

Imagine her thinking that compliments would get me to clean more often.

I don't remember getting homesick while living with SJ.

She was home.

She could take one look at me and know we needed to talk.

She loved to listen. Loved to ponder.

As you watch SJ when she goes to work on helping you, you get this funny image.

She has a little man in her head that sorts things into different paths.
He is dressed in a smart brown suit and he sits at a practical desk in a comfortable chair.
The little man loves to work through problems.
It is important to remember that logic must be applied or the little man becomes very beside himself.

In contrast, growing up, I was more the dreamer.

At Ohio State we lived in an old restored victorian.
Lot's of charm, not much space and very little heat.

My bed rested in front of our closet.

Our closet had no doors.

When things were a challenge for me, I could be found...
lost in thought, sitting on my bed,
facing the closet.

"Why are you staring at your clothes?" SJ would ask.

SJ and her little man would get to work trying to help me make sense of whatever was happening at that moment.

The truth is, I really did not look at the clothes.

I was looking past them.

As I think back to SJ, and her little man in her head looking for reason,
partnered with my constant inquisitive imagination...
I have to smile.

These days, SJ still has her little man, but she is also more creative and more beautiful than when we were 18.

She asked me the other day, " Why do you blog?, How often do you blog?,
Aren't you afraid of letting so many people know what you are thinking?"

I could only explain it in one way.

Blogging is like staring at your clothes and then letting people know what you see.


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Joel said...

Oh..That one is Good...You went way good on that one...

At 11:28 AM, Blogger CIA said...

very touching and open

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Bendy said...

You're a blessing.


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