Monday, September 18, 2006

Conditioned Unconditional Love

I love my dog.

If I had to choose a pet, it would be a dog.

If I had to make a second choice for a pet, I am fairly confident it would not be a cat.

I also think I would have a hard time being married to a cat person.

I do have several friends that are cat people.

I also have friends and relatives that can go either way or both.

At different points in their lives they have had both cats and dogs.

Some of them have had multiple combinations of cats, dogs and just to show off they have had chickens, roosters and bunnies. No, surprisingly, they were not living on a farm.

I visited today with a cat person friend of mine today about why cat people who truly are not dog people are attracted to cat relationships.

We speculated that cat people do not like the amount of work it takes to house train a dog.
The level of focus on poop, walking the animal so they can poop, rewarding the animal when they poop, way to much effort.

Cats are more independent, more easily trained and cat people like it that way.

They get a level of unconditional love,
under the condition the cat gets
food, water and shelter...
a level of gratitude and affection is returned.

Even though life would seem easier if I was a cat person,
I know in my heart I would be wanting more from my cat relationship
than any cat would be able to give.

I am not saying that cat people are more shallow than dog people.

Maybe dog people are just more needy, so we choose pets like us that are less independent.

Having a pet that expects us to be there for them at certain times each day, helps us find balance.

Although I do not want cats, I am thankful for the cat people in my life.

They are very low maintenance, fairly confident in how they look, light on their feet and not afraid of mice.


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