Sunday, October 22, 2006

Growing In Love

My sweet wonderful husband is forever reminding me to be where I am.

The analyst in me is looking back evaluating, learning from past history so as not to repeat mistakes.
The dreamer in me is creating paths to the centers of new visions.
Working through the details needed to safely arrive there.

In the midst of those two energies is now.
The talent of being where you are whilst evaluating and dreaming is a practiced skill for me.
It is not one that comes as naturally as planning or remembering.

Three energies controlled help one in fully enjoying and experiencing life and love.

A trinity of gifts working together if you let them.

Powerful rewards come to those who have experienced this kind of self-control and energy awareness.

The ultimate reward is to allow yourself to grow in love.

You know your past, you are passionate about your future and you are enjoying the journey of the day.

This combination allows for greater connections with those you love.

Passion, confidence and thankfulness create positive magnetic energies and they
always help to facilitate closer relationships.

And Yet....
Even as I appreciate the now, I begin to get captivated by the next vision, creation and journey....
oh well... we are who we are.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Oh my...isn't this sweet. Thank you honey. Nice pictures with a cool naked fairy (TeeHee Hee). Some very good insights here to share in a comfortably written speech. Good job. We are VERY fortunate to have found each other. I love you more each day. What a great life!


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