Monday, September 24, 2007

Let’s Face It

It Is Not The Journey That Is Wierd..

People, all people, are just weird.
My husband and I were discussing the fact that all our friends are a bit weird.
Some more than others, but there is a level of weird to all.
We then looked at each other and began to dissect how weird we must be.
After all, you are what you attract.
We of course think we are not as weird as some of our friends.
Likely, if you know about this site, you are one of our friends and you probably think we are weirder than you.
We can debate that over dinner and a good lemon drop martini at some point.
Really though…all people are weird.
Let me list just a few examples.
We like to go to scary movies where we eat comfort food.
We like our gifts to be surprises, but we want holidays to feel just like when we were kids.
Or perhaps if holidays were not great, we want them to feel like we imagined all the “normal” kids holidays were.
We want to create things no one has ever seen, and then we care more about mass appeal of people recognizing that creation as worthy than celebrating the uniqueness.
It would seem nearly impossible to create a first with the goal of mass appeal in mind.
And yet we try, as we are social creatures.
Even anti-social people look alike. How does that happen without paying attention to what others think and feel?

So, humans who are sometimes humane, and at other times very basic in nature are just plain weird..
Or perhaps vibrantly so.
Either way, for all our weird friends, you are loved and accepted not despite your break from the norm, but because of it.


At 1:13 PM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Ah...( wrote this out loud) the cat is out of the bag. This blog illustrates the thin red line in humanity that dares to be any other color. It is the stuff that makes us want to be ordinary but better than everybody else. Ahhh...humanity; I can smell it miles away. Great blog, well said and we do love you all. Cheers!!!


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