Friday, September 07, 2007

Changing Stations

I am the worst at listening to one maybe two different radio stations.
Lately, I have not even turned on my radio at all during my one hour commute in.

Part of the reason I stopped listening to the radio on my drive was to help create an insulated space where inspiration might occur.

Lately, I have had several short deadlines where solutions were needed and trial and error has been discouraged.

In short, I needed ideas that would work the first time.

No Pressure.

Most ideas that don’t seem to come just from me...
but instead are more supernatural in nature....
seem to come while I am working out.

Ummmm...I seem to remember that when a boxer is fully engaged in an intense battle,
a lot of the blood has moved away from the brain.
Thus, a hit to the head can cause a knock-out more easily the more tired the boxer becomes.

I think that may be why some ideas come to me better when working out.
My brain is less engaged in a robotic mode and the body and spirit may be getting more of the receptors.

Back to changing stations.
Whether it is no station or a different station, I change as a result.

At work, I have been listening to a lot of Country Music….
mostly because my office is very insulated and there seemed to be only one station that would come in clearly.

Lots of good stories in Country Music…but there is a mood to this music that can seep into me.

Not a bad mood, just maybe more of a passive or less confident mood than what might be a good idea given the challenges of the day.

Today, my station did not come in clearly.
I had not moved my radio or my antenna and yet my faithful ballads were shadowed with static.

At first I thought, just turn off the radio, enjoy the quiet.
I had tested my radio many times in the past and it only came in clearly on the one station that was now losing strength.

Instead, I tried changing stations.
To my surprise a station that never came in clearly before, is playing soundly now.

This station is more upbeat, intense, and relentless in nature.

Hence this blog….
Just as Rocky needed his theme song before he could run up those stairs in Philly without being winded.
We all need a theme song. Ally was big on this back in the 90’s with her show.

And so here is my ah- ha moment….

If the one you are listening to, is not working for you any longer.
If you have some stairs to climb, that seems to take the wind out of you…..

It might be time to change stations.

These observations may seem like such simple truths for a Friday…

I guess that is one part of life, observing and then acting on simple truths.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Really good blog, Pickle. Very well said. You have a talent for subtle wisdom.


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