Friday, July 27, 2007

Better Thighs, Better Hair and Wisdom

I once had to write a paper on my three top personal goals.
It was a long time ago.

My paper began with.. I aspire to Better Thighs, Better Hair and Wisdom.
I followed with..I have obviously not been working on Wisdom for very long or it
would not be out-ranked by Thighs and Hair.

20 years later as I look in the mirror I see some Gray, more from
a need to get to my stylist than Wisdom.
My thighs are balanced well with my curves earned through my
new passion to cook.

I would say that it is time to move that one up on the list.
So here is a great quote from James Collins...

"You must learn to live with the fact that you will make
mistakes--lots of mistakes--and that you will learn from them.
Mistakes are in fact a great source of strength: making mistakes
is analogous to building muscle in athletic training.

Think about it for a minute: how does an athlete get stronger?
By pushing to the point of failure. You do, say three pull ups
and fail on the fourth. The body adapts and gets stronger
and the next time you can do four pull ups.

The body adapts and gets stronger and the next time you
can do four pull ups and you fail on the fifth.

The next time out you can do five pull ups, and fail on the sixth,
and so on.

The process of making decisions, some of which are "failures," and
learning from them is "building muscle."
If you don't ever make mistakes, you'll be forever stuck at three pull-ups.

Be proud of the fact that you periodically make mistakes. It shows that you're
not one of the timid souls who are so terrified of making a mistake that they don't
do anything worthwhile with their lives. As Paul Galvin, founder and architect of
Motorola, said, 'Do not fear mistakes. Wisdom is often born of such mistakes.' "

To be honest, I doubt I could do one full pull-up.
Those thighs have an amazing "grounding weight" to them.

I can chest press 25 pounds in each arm, but not pull up my full weight.
ummm- first I think I need to work on that one
Second there is probably a series of blogs on pulling your own weight.

So where is this going?
If you had a tough week and you made some mistakes, take heart.
If you had a great week and did everything right, think about taking it up a level.


At 6:05 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Great blog, Pickle. Perhaps wisdom is like grey don't want to get them; but the fact that you have them means you earned them and are alive to get more; even if nobody can see them or if they stare with every head turn. We associate grey hair with age and wisdom; yet the two have very little connection. However building muscle and wisdom is EXACTLY the stuff of "masterpiece legends." I am (almost) looking forward to our new mistakes...but more so the bright horizon beyond the forest of those mistakes.


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