Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Placing Your Ideas In Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Have you met people who want to do the right thing?... They want to change the world or at least their world. But only on their own terms, no advice needed ...no conflict wanted.

They do not want to argue.

It is not healthy to argue out of habit or just to maintain control, but there are times where
debate in relationships is needed.

In making important decisions, it is wise to have constructive argument and differing points of view.

Referring to an example of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert Kennedy wrote about the importance of disagreement
in reaching the best decisions:

"The fact that we were able to talk, debate. argue, disagree and then debate some more was
essential in choosing our ultimate course....Opinions, even fact itself, can best be judged by conflict, by debate.
there is an important element missing when there is unanimity of viewpoint."

So new wisdom may come from sharpening your ideas against a person who sometimes rubs you the wrong way.


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