Friday, January 26, 2007

The Resolutionaries are Coming! The Resolutionaries are Coming!

This time of year is a a time of renewed focus for many people.

Lot's of new promises to ourselves and others on what we will change.
Many times people start out with high hopes, but struggle with follow through when it comes down to the work.
My resolutions are to be more thankful, more determined and more passionate.
As I see our gym packed with the new years resolutionaries, I am challenged to find reasons to stay thankful.
The temptation would be to grumble because we have to wait to use the equipment we prefer.
My first attempt at staying thankful for this perceived disruption was to tell myself that the temporary disruption would be fine if all the people who joined gyms in January would just stay.
Gyms would then be forced to expand and buy more equipment.

Unfortunately most gym managers know that by March most of the resolutionaries will no longer be working out on a regular basis.

Die-hard work out enthusiasts actually take time away from the gym in January while they wait for the bubble of new attendees to dissipate.

Our costs as members are likely less because so many people sign up, pay and then never come.

This made me think....
When I signed up, the gym knew that there was a chance I would pay but never come.
Never tax their resources in any way.

I was just donating to the cause.

This made me think about the harvest of people who start as new members in churches.

Their potential could be revolutionary.
Many of these people donate their time talents and monies for a while and then....
They lose their resolve.

As a church we are not a location, or should not be.

We hopefully are dedicated to real relationship building, discipleship that more intensely equips others.

I remember the first time I joined a gym.
I had been heavy most of my life.
I actually had no expectation that I would ever look good.
I joined because our oldest had gained some weight, had lost some confidence and I wanted to help.
Lucky me, with no training in the natural...
I began to transform.

What I missed was where all positive change originates from.
What I missed was how thankful I should be that I was able to change without a trainer.

I see now the potential with the resolutionaries.

They need a smile as they try to figure out what way to go.

Maybe more will stay this year than last if they have the help they need.
Same thing with new members at church.

This being more thankful thing is really fun! It is going to be a wonderful new year.
So much to be thankful for the more you look for it.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

Wow! This is not only a great blog but great subject. Really good job. Great picture. We should have kept in touch with Cory Everson. She was fun. I am thankful for you in so many ways. I am fortunate to have someone who is as dedicated to so many good things. (smile)


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