Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In Between

Christmas was a great beginning.
We were able to spend Christmas Eve with our sons.
We ate a great meal and after much pressure from me, everyone agreed to watch Cars.
Nevermind there was no one under 23 in the room.
Mom got her way and we watched a movie that was well crafted and inspiring. It tugged at both your heart and the corners of your mouth. No matter your age, you could not help but smile.
Christmas Day we slept in, spent some time with our TN siblings and nephew and then back home to chill.
Not a lot of running around.
We have yet time to make our visit to our nursing home friends.
We are saving that for this weekend.
These days in between Christmas and New Years have been spent planning our next move.
Dreaming about a home that will be a refuge for family and friends.

We dream about a home site that is a little bit country.. a little bit rolling hills.
We dream about a long drive way leading up to our home where neices and nephews and future grandbabies can wear out their little legs riding bikes.
We dream about a family room filled with a pool table, arcade games, air hockey and comfy chairs.
We dream about an extra bedroom downstairs where our older parents can rest when they visit.
We dream about friends pulling up the drive and feeling free to park on our grass and hang out on our porches.
We dream about the Christmas's to come with our sons and their future families filling our home with laughter.
We dream about a home closer to our church so we can invite friends over for Sunday lunches.

We dream about a hot air ballon taking off from the front yard.
Yes, I would love to take lessons.

This year during the time in between the holidays we are looking forward to buying our first home together.
So far the process has been fun.
Dreaming together, knowing some of our dreams may come true....
It is a good place to be...
In between the reality of where you are and into the energy of the dream of wherever you could go.


At 8:33 AM, Blogger Bendy said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful dream home and I plan on sitting on the porch with the two of you drinking iced tea and laughing :)


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