Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Imagine

Have you ever met anyone who helps you take the genesis of an idea into something you can touch.
Can you imagine being so creative that when someone says,
"Dream With Me For A Minute"
You get excited about catching a glimpse of a vision. You are still excited even when you count the cost of how hard the labor process will be to actually make the vision a reality.
Can you imagine being so creative that you can get lost in time while you create even to the point of going without sleep?
What a gift. It is almost as if people who have this gift are from a different world.
My husband has this.
This weekend I needed help. He worked to bring my words into images that would set a stage for a successful launch of a new idea. He ideas and creative touch outshine what I could ever see on my own.
He is also a master in creating energies that help people make the most out of themselves.
I am better for him, in spite of myself.
For so long I could not imagine a man strong enough to help us pick up our pieces and place them into the growing mosaic that is our family.

And now...
I can not imagine us without him.
My sweet husband turns 40 this week.
I can get excited as I know there will be wonderful things that lie ahead for him.
Trying to bottle his creativity would be like trying to bottle time.
Both are energies.
Both are portals.
We can not hold either, but still...I would have to share....
"I have looked around enough to know that you're the one I want to go through time with...."
I love you honey!


At 9:00 AM, Blogger Maximus Doom said... my beloved Pickle,
Thank you in every way for your love, patience and strength. Our differences ARE our strengths and that makes us mighty. Our dance is one for the remainder of time, mourning doves til the end. God instills the need for creation in his offspring; the need to become like our creator; the need to express the DNA of His greatness. We are all emburdened with the need to love. Our story will transcend Time and the walls of men's perceptions as we continue to waltz to the gentle symphony of Time on the chords of our Destiny between our bound souls, rewriting history for our children and our families til Death's embrace.


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