Sunday, January 14, 2007

If You Really Listen...

If you really to listen to those who
have your same vision.

It is amazing what you can learn from people.

You learn from their questions, how they answer
questions, what they say and what they do not.

We met some defining men this last week.
Dudley and Ray are friends, and partners with strong
visions. Their expectations for each other and for
what they will do for others is high.
They dream big and then they build it.
They are in fact builders of buildings by trade and
builders of relationships by choice.

We liked them very much.

Dudley has a daughter that he describes as well
grounded and and at the same time destined to take the
world by storm...a powerful combination.

Brooke Morton is an aspiring County Music Singer.

As I listened to Dudley yesterday, he talked about the
importance of not listening to critics. Brooke has her
plans in motion, has a great day job as a
cosmetologist and he is very proud of what she has
accomplished so far.

He has no doubts his daughter will go far.

In the same conversation he was talking about Kelly
Pickler. He was hoping that she would find a good
team of people to help her fully achieve all of her

There was such wisdom in how Dudley looked at coaching
and team building.

In the same conversation he was indicating that Kelly
would need some people to advise her and that Brooke
should not listen to critics.

As I listened to what Dudley was not saying,
he had quietly proved that there is a difference between a team of people who goal is to help you grow
and critics.

He lives with a wisdom of keeping people close to you that have your same visions
and who if needed would offer good advise you if you need it.

He shows us that you will at some point need that covering and you should be thankful for it.

Stay away from those who do not have your vision and
whose role or job it is to only find things wrong...

Do not take to heart what you hear from the critics of the world.

There were so many other entertaining moments in our
visit with Dudley and Ray. These were two men who
had lived through enough challenges together, that
they had built a partnership that would last.

It was fun to watch them together.

They were passionate, determined and thankful men.
Three qualities I hope to continue to increase in


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