Monday, June 11, 2007

God Spoke To Him- He is the only one?

Copying Beethoven

What a wonderful experience we had this weekend.
What a surprise this movie was.
There are times where think you may be losing brain cells while watching a movie and then there was this movie.

My husband will no doubt expound on this with words that will better sear the images to your mind.

Let me just give you this....
When I watched this movie, I understood better the complexities of genius...

Why is that important? I am not after all a genius myself.

I felt like I was, for a moment, more compelled
more defined
more interesting.

Why, because another human had shown me how someone could reach up to the heavens and pull down
creations beyond average, beyond great,

these compositions...they were quite perfect.

With an ear to God. he wrote what he heard.

There is so much more to the movie than this....

But the idea that we can pray and then obey, ask and then receive, listen and then expound perfection...

Very encouraging indeed.


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