Sunday, March 18, 2007

1 out of 10 were women

We went to see 300 yesterday.

It was a compelling epic.
In a sci-fi level medium, a timeless story was told.
The fight for freedom is not free.
There is a cost.
Just as not fighting for freedom is not free.
The cost comes later.
I have heard bits and pieces of debates over the real message hollywood was sending us by making this movie.
These kind of debates make for good press, especially in a year of transisition.
In this country we are free to watch a movie and speak our minds.
In fact we are free to make many movies that challenge our thinking.
Some may push the limits of being good for society.
This movie came at just the right time.
There are two lessons I was thankfully reminded of:
It is good to be a strong woman that loves her husband, respects him and desires to be a help mate to him.
It is also good to know that there is the capacity for heroism in us. Yes, the reverse is also true. Humans can be evil.
As women we need strong women as role models. Ones that love men and are there for them as strong partners.
As people we need hope.
We need to be reminded that although it can be very hard to do the right thing.
There are those of us who have and therefore it is possible for us as well.
Excellent movie
Even though only 1 out of 10 attending the movie were women, I would recommend it to my friends.


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