Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Things You Don't Know When You Are 3

I had the pleasure of watching a young girl feed ducks.
It was a wonderful sight.
Her your expression was one of total awe as the ducks swam to meet her.
They had seen this movie before.
With passion the little girl threw handful after handful of feed to the lake.
The ducks went after the food in a peaceful fashion.
For a few moments the girl's parents got distracted.
The little girl had decided that if a little was good, a lot was better.
She lifted a large bag over her head past the fence rail.
Mid-way through what looked like a coach's Gatorade celebratory plunge..
Her father caught the bag before the entire contents could land onto the family of ducks below.
Two things happened next that amused me.
The patient father explained to his daughter that full bags of food thrown onto ducks was not the same thing as feeding the ducks. Things you just don't know when you are 3.
The second thing thing was what happened to one strong willed duck.
When just a bit of feed was being thrown out, nothing was noticeable about this particular duck.
When a feast was thrown out, greed took over.
What is funny is that he spent so much time chasing the other ducks away.
He would rather the feed sink to the bottom of the lake than to share the good fortune.
Greed, even in ducks, not pretty. Whoda thought?
Something I did not know at 47.

Makes me wonder what we will learn at 67.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger Maximus Doom said...

...you'll probably learn that your husband still loves you at any age. You will always be beautiful to me. Ducks and people; in fact, at the worst, people and animals — a whole lot of similarities when we don't exercise good choices, character or manners. A windfall allows us to see what lies hidden beneath in the murky depths of our very own pristine hearts.


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